Ms. Page’s Counseling Corner November 2021




Happy November!
The season of thankfulness and gratitude is here. At the beginning of the year, all classes were given a small bucket filled with Kind Notes. The purpose of the notes was for students to write messages to their classmates to promote a positive and inclusive environment. This month, I asked teachers to switch out their Kind Notes for Thankful Notes!


Students will have the chance to tell their friends, teachers, aides, and other staff what they appreciate about them. It would be great if you encouraged your student to write a note to someone they normally would not write one to!



November Class Lessons
Kindergarten – Listening and Self-Talk
1st – Playing Fairly
2nd – Problem Solving
3rd – Enemy Pie
4th – Being Assertive
5th – Accepting Differences / Problem Solving 6th – See Something, Say Something


Have a great month!

Ms. Page

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